A 109-year-old firefighter reveals his key to living a long life.

You’ll be surprised to learn this wacky 109-year-old firefighter’s secret to living a long life.Most, if not all, of us aspire to live a long life. Some try to achieve this by eating healthily, while others commit to regular exercise.Vincent Dransfield, a centenarian from New Jersey, is still active in the community.He is a retired Fire Chief and the oldest firefighter on the Little Falls Volunteer Fire Department’s roster at Singac Engine Company No. 3.

As a tribute to his 84 years of service, the fire department has dedicated an entire wall to him, complete with his helmet and axe.Everyone in his neighborhood adores Vincent. One of the primary reasons for this is his sense of humor. “I like to have a sense of humor,” he explained. It’s fine. It will get you somewhere. You’re not going anywhere if you’re nasty and angry.”

When asked what his secret to living a long life is, Vincent replied, “I drink Ovaltine every day,” which makes sense because the drink is high in nutrients. His family adores the elderly man. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoy his stories and jokes.Vincent celebrated his 109th birthday with his family in his home last March.

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