Doctors treated a child born with a weight of 435 grams. That’s how he grew up

Kayo was born during a period when abortion was still legal in the country. Despite the predictions, and thanks to his parents’ hopes, the boy survived. Nothing remains to indicate his record-low birth weight. Jessica Doxy was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks pregnant with preeclampsia, a potentially fatal condition. An emergency caesarean section was performed on the woman.

The child was conscious and breathing, but weighed only 435 grams, giving him only a 10% chance of survival. Jessica and her husband had to decide whether to let the boy go quietly or fight for him. The latter was preferred by Mother.Kayo was on oxygen for six weeks. He spent two and a half months in an incubator, mimicking the conditions under which a child develops in the womb.

Jessica, who was discharged from the hospital a week after giving birth, pumped milk and delivered it to the newborn intensive care unit. The boy weighed 3.7 kilograms at the time of discharge, thanks to proper nutrition and therapy. The parents were finally allowed to take their son home just before Christmas. Jessica and her husband, also known as Kayo, welcomed their third child.

Stella, the first daughter, was also born prematurely, at 36 weeks, after the expectant mother was admitted to the hospital with a severe headache. Jessica was also diagnosed with preeclampsia at the time, but she hoped that this uncommon complication would not reoccur during future pregnancies. Unfortunately, it happened again, and much sooner than expected, with Kayo.

Preeclampsia is a multisystem pathological condition that typically develops in the second half of a pregnancy and frequently results in a persistent increase in blood pressure, impaired blood clotting, and liver and kidney failure.Jessica felt guilty about what happened to her son the entire time she was waiting for him at home. “I convinced myself for weeks that he was so bad because of what my body had done.

I felt like I had failed him. “It’s impossible to watch your child suffer,” she recalls.Kayo’s mother held out hope that she would recover. She would sometimes wake up at 4 a.m. in a panic and rush to the hospital to see him. According to the woman, the family endured the most difficult period of their lives when the child was in danger and it was impossible to save him.Everything finally fell into place, according to the parents, on the day they carried their son home in their arms.

The couple is overjoyed that their child is still alive. Kayo is now fine. He’s gaining weight quickly, and almost nothing reminds him that he was born in record time and could barely fit in the palm of his hand. Jessica hopes that her story can help other mothers who have had premature babies. “It isn’t your fault.” “Believe in yourself, and everything will work out,” she says.

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