A physically fit senior completes a 5K race just days after her 100th birthday.

Mick Roberts is a wonderful grandmother who leads a healthy lifestyle that allows her to run several-kilometer races with ease.Mick joined a 5k run just a few days after her 100th birthday and finished in 56 minutes.Her daily routine was most likely what made the race so simple for her. She walks two to three miles per day and occasionally invites her son and daughter-in-law to join her.

Her only family is her son, Chuck, and his wife, Donna, as she has already lost her husband and two sons.Chuck and Donna would pay her a visit at the Saybrook at Haddam senior living center and walk with her as part of their quality time together.Mick, according to the couple, is a better athlete than them. “She’s leading the way here,” Donna said.

She’ll lead us and we’ll just follow, and that pretty much sums it up. She’s healthy, no medication, and she’s 100 years old.”Donna would also use Mick as an example to motivate her children to be physically active. “It obviously sets the bar pretty high,” she explained, “so when my kids say, ‘Oh no, we don’t want to run the Manchester Road Race this year,’ I’m (like) grandma did the 5K so you people are running.

“Mick’s long and healthy life is an example to others. She encourages people to take life one day at a time, especially during difficult times, while also reminding them to smile at every stage of their journey.In the video below, you can see Mick finish a 5k race with ease.

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