An 18-year-old girl went to bed with a headache and a baby.

While in a coma, a young mother gave birth to a daughter. She was completely unaware of the pregnancy. Ebony Stevenson, an 18-year-old college student from Manchester, sought help at the hospital in early December 2018 after a series of incomprehensible seizures accompanied by severe headache. The girl was placed in an artificial coma.

It was later discovered that the seizures were caused by preeclampsia, a pathological condition that occurs in late pregnancy and necessitates an emergency delivery. In our articles, we present the most recent scientific findings as well as the perspectives of authoritative health experts. But keep in mind that only a doctor can diagnose and treat you.

Despite her regular periods and the lack of a belly, Ebony was discovered to be pregnant.Elodie, Ebony’s daughter, was born on December 3. However, when doctors brought the young mother out of a coma three days later, she was able to meet the child. When Ebony saw the girl, she asked to take her away because the girl was convinced that something had gone wrong.

However, after her mother and nurses informed her of everything that had occurred while she was in a coma, the girl decided to take the baby into her arms. “Imagine how I felt when I was barely awake and found out I had given birth to a girl,” Ebony says. – The first encounter with the child was unforgettable. “I had the sensation that my soul had left my body.”

Doctors dubbed the baby’s birth a “medical miracle” because Ebony was born with a rare congenital pathology that occurs only once every three thousand cases. The girl has a double uterus, which means she has two separate uteri in her body. Because of this, the expectant mother did not stop menstruating throughout her pregnancy, and there was almost no stomach — the uterus, in which the fetus was located, grew towards the spine.

Furthermore, the examination revealed that only one uterus is connected to the ovary via the fallopian tube, making pregnancy theoretically unlikely. The idea of having a child with such a pathology seems unbelievable. But Ebony was able to not only become pregnant, but also deliver the baby almost on time.

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