Sick Man Who Received Kidney From Anonymous Donor Finds Out It Was From …

For most people, family is everything, and they are willing to give up everything to prioritize their family.John and Delayne Ivanowski, father and daughter, have a special bond that no illness can break.John was immunocompromised. His overactive immune system was attacking his kidneys, resulting in a deficiency.Delayne found it difficult to see her father in and out of the hospital due to his illness, so she decided to see if she would be a match to donate one of her kidneys to him.

John was completely opposed to his young daughter donating a kidney for him, but Delayne sneaked behind his back and contacted his hospital coordinator, asking how she would be able to give him her kidney.The coordinator stated that as soon as her father was ready for the transplant, they could begin testing her to ensure she was healthy enough to donate, which she was.

John was only told that his kidney would come from an anonymous donor, but it wasn’t until after the transplant that he learned where his new kidney came from.While John was resting in his room after a long operation, Delayne entered, dressed in a hospital gown and pushing her IV trolly, and he realized what she’d done for him.The father and daughter, as well as everyone else in the room, were overcome with emotion.

John began to cry and gave his precious daughter an emotional hug.Delayne posted their story on TikTok, explaining how they are now in need of financial assistance to pay their hospital bills. She stated that if 6,000 people donated even $1 each, their bill would be covered; however, many people donated (not just $1 each), and they were eventually able to pay their medical bills and have some funds left over for their family until John recovered sufficiently to return to work.

In the video below, Delayne shares the touching story of how she secretly donated her kidney to her sick father.

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