An elderly woman sells knitted trinkets, but no one buys them until a kind stranger passes by.

Not everyone is fortunate in life. Some people struggle just to eat a decent meal every day. When we look around in public, we notice that many people require our assistance. The majority of them do not have a place to live. In the past, I’ve encountered people who stand in line every day for free bed spacing. A little assistance can go a long way.

In the Facebook group “Tainan Breaking News Commune,” a netizen recently shared a photo of an elderly woman selling on the sidewalk. She displayed rows of hand-woven trinkets and tumbler holders on a steel stand while sitting on a small bench on the sidewalk. The photos that were shared online moved netizens because no one appeared to be purchasing the elderly woman’s merchandise.

Some netizens urged others to buy one item from the woman selling knitted goods on the sidewalk in order to put a smile on her face and possibly make her go home earlier.According to the post, the grandma usually sets up a small stall and sells her merchandise near a hotel in Tainan and sometimes beside the door of a store next to Peanut Candy opposite Xintiandi, mostly in the afternoon.

The netizen approached Grandma and inquired about the items, learning that each was meticulously crocheted by her. However, due to her age, the elderly woman’s eyesight was poor, and she could only crochet one tumbler sleeve in one day. Seeing the lovely and colorful items on display, one can only imagine the time and effort Grandma put into making them.Each handcrafted tumbler sleeve costs only US$30.00 (approximately CN200.00).

She also sells cute little character trinkets that can be hung for display at home, in a car, at work, or pretty much anywhere. A cute piglet chosen by a netizen’s son cost them only US$7.25 (approximately CN50.00). The price is reasonable, and the item is valuable. According to the latest news, a generous netizen bought several items from the elderly woman, allowing her to earn enough money to make more of her items for sale.

However, some netizens claimed that Grandma no longer visits her usual location in Tainan and instead appears on occasion in Pingtung Park! The majority of people who have purchased items from the elderly woman claim that the product is both durable and affordable. Some of them intend to return and purchase additional items. People in the Tainan area, hurry while supplies last!

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