These 90-year-old friends accidentally found each other in a nursing home

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the best friends haven’t seen each other in over a year, and they only met by chance when they moved into the same nursing home. The first meeting between them is priceless!Audrey Young and Fred Gamn met more than 50 years ago while working at a printing company owned by Fred’s family. They used to live next door to each other in the English village of Over.

This summer, Fred, who was suffering from dementia, decided to relocate to Winton House as well. He had long forgotten Audrey was still there — his memory is now failing — and was surprised to see a loved one in the clinic corridor. The first reunion of old friends was extremely moving.The institution’s staff was able to capture several images that say more than a thousand words.

“When they saw each other, disbelief and pure delight were reflected in their eyes,” recalls Naomi Cornelius—Reed, managing director of Winton House. The chance to see each other brings great joy to Fred and Audrey. They have been alone for a long time because their partners have died.

Fred has seven children, and they frequently visit their father, leaving Audrey alone. Friends’ health is not improving, but they are still drawn to communicate – just as they did when they lived a few meters apart and exchanged a few kind words every day.

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