Cop on his way to ticket a car notices a note asking for “pity” — so he leaves an unexpected response

Every year, tens of thousands of people are killed in alcohol-related accidents, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting 37,461 fatalities in 2016. However, one inebriated Wisconsin resident wisely chose to walk home rather than risk an accident during the summer of 2017. The only problem was that the resident had driven to the drinking location — and risked receiving a parking ticket by leaving their car in the metered lot overnight.

And here’s where the story gets heartwarming: this person decided to appeal to the parking officer’s better nature, and it worked! Officer Jim Hellrod works as a parking enforcement officer for the Wausau Police Department. He was about to write out a parking citation in June when he noticed a note tucked beneath a windshield wiper.

Following the spread of word about the kindhearted officer’s action, another officer was asked for comment, as well as whether this was a situation that the department had previously encountered. No, he replied, it was quite unusual — but, given the circumstances, he appreciated the driver’s decision to walk rather than drive.

They “realized it may not have been a safe choice and risked a citation rather than risk their own safety,” according to Lt. Cord Buckner.Cat owners understand that being shown love and attention by their cat is a special treat. Cats are known for being a little more aloof than dogs, which adds to their allure. They may be picky with their affection, but being loved by a feline companion is extremely rewarding.

However, it appears that not everyone feels the same way. Take it from Jerry, a black and white cat who was surrendered to a shelter because he was “too affectionate.”What do you mean? Staff at the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida were taken aback when they learned why this sweet cat had ended up in their care.”We were definitely surprised to have a cat surrendered due to being too affectionate,” said Susan Leonti, digital marketing specialist at the shelter.

“The majority of our adopters are looking for affectionate cats!” We believe there is no such thing as an overly affectionate cat.”Jerry’s previous employer complained that he greeted her at the door and “talked too much.” He rubbed against her legs and asked for pets, which irritated her. Could you imagine?The shelter realized they had a special kitty on their hands and created a sign explaining why he was there, which they shared on TikTok.

They made it clear to potential adopters that, while he is extremely friendly, he is also wary of all the new people in the shelter.The following morning, many people saw the post and wanted to adopt Jerry. The people who ended up adopting him were first in line and ready to accept all of his love! “They saw Jerry’s video on TikTok and ran to the shelter first thing in the morning to adopt him,” Susan explained.

“They were the first in a long line of people who had seen Jerry’s video and wanted to adopt him that morning.” Jerry’s new family was so kind that after adopting him, they paid the adoption fees for a bonded trio of cat siblings who have been with us since Thanksgiving: Aramis, Porthos, and Athos. The trio is still up for adoption.”We’re so glad the shelter was able to find this precious fur baby the purr-fect family. Hopefully, these people are better prepared to deal with all of that unrestrained love and affection!

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