‘My Family And Friends Cringe When They Hear My Baby Boy’s Name And Some Say The Name Is More Suitable For A Pet’

Choosing a name for your baby can be both exciting and nerve-racking, as you want to ensure that it will not cause any problems in the future. However, after naming her son after a designer brand, one mother was left questioning her decision to give her child a ‘unique’ moniker. Misty responded on TikTok to critics who said the name she chose is’more suitable for a pet’ than for a human.

Misty revealed in her video that she named her son Kartiyr Kior after the French conglomerate Cartier, which is known for its watches and jewelry. The mother slammed those who left negative comments about her baby’s name, saying, “Are y’all dumb, or like are y’all dumb?” Kartiyr is my son’s first name, and Kior is his middle name. Kior Kartiyr.”

However, her statement prompted more people to comment, with one person saying, “These are people, not pets.” “You’re naming these babies like they don’t have to grow up,” said another. “At least pronounce Cartier correctly,” someone else added “Are you naming clothing brands you like or human beings?” a third person asked. Others, however, defended the mother, claiming that she had the right to name her child whatever she wanted.

Please leave her alone.” “It’s her baby, not yours,” someone wrote. “Do you, child. “If you’re happy with it, do you,” another person said. “My son’s name is also Cartier, and I’m sick of people asking why I named him that,” a third person said. “How adorable. “I really like that name,” someone else said.
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