Three girls discovered they were dating the same man. What happened next is as follows:

It appears to be a Hollywood melodrama plot, but it is a true story about three young American women. It starts with an unfaithful lover and ends with the realization of a dream. Morgan Tabor thought her boyfriend was a fantasy: romantic, charming, and gentle. Only the pink glasses painfully broke the glasses inside. On the eve of Christmas, she stumbled upon his Instagram account. He also exchanged playful correspondence and ambiguous photos with another girl.

Morgan Tabor wrote to Abi Roberts, the same girl who was the “spare airfield” of an unfaithful lover. Morgan and Abi began by washing the bones of the man who had treated them both so horribly, then moved on to other topics. They discovered that they are incredibly interested in each other, and there is something to talk about. They also discovered that their “triangle” is not a triangle at all, but rather a figure with a much greater number of angles.

And this guy, whose name the girls will not mention out of decency, was another girlfriend, Beca King, an artist from Salt Lake City. The girls, all three of them, continued their investigation and discovered that their Prince Charming was duping many girls. It was time for clarification, and they were prepared. The man appeared on the threshold of Morgan Tabor with a huge, obscenely luxurious bouquet of flowers, as if he sensed something was wrong.

He apologized profusely, but he had no idea Morgan had been on a video call with Abi Roberts the entire time. The girls pinned his tail, and he ran away, no matter how he dodged, dodged, or tried to come up with a logical explanation for what was happening. We believe he will be unable to reestablish his personal life anytime soon, because Morgan and Abi have written to all of his current and potential lovers, informing them that they are only one of many in his life.

Following that, all three girls ended their relationship with the traitor. Despite the fact that the investigation had concluded, their relationship had not ended. They started spending a lot of time together and realized they had a lot in common — their ex chose similar girls, bright and talented. What they simply did not discuss. But it all came down to one thing in the end. The girls discovered a shared fantasy.

It turned out that each of them had fantasized about traveling across the country, living a nomadic lifestyle, and trading in their home for a four-wheeled shelter. Someone had a more specific dream: an old “school” bus, a Volkswagen, someone more broadly, and someone had already planned a route. Morgan Tabor, Abi Roberts, and Beca King purchased a used bus. For the first time, we purchased building materials. We collaborated to make it habitable by conducting water, installing a solar panel, and insulate the walls.

They’re going on a road trip this summer. They drove through all of the National Parks, saw the capital, and gazed out the window at the ocean from the West Coast. They alternated driving and working from a laptop to earn money for gas and food. None of them could have predicted how the treason story would end. No one could have predicted how happy they would become by choosing a big trip over revenge.

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