“She needed a chance”: a stranger assisted a disenfranchised mother in regaining custody of her child.

Heather Bone was unable to raise her daughter due to her addiction. A stranger came to the mother’s aid, and she was able to reach Heather and show her the way. Heather Bone first tried drugs when she was 13 years old and developed a lifelong addiction to illegal substances. She became pregnant in 2014, but this did not help her “get off the needle.”

Kristina, her daughter, was taken away by guardianship authorities just a few weeks after she was born, after the court ruled that the young mother was unable to care for the child. Nancy and David were appointed as the girl’s temporary guardians when she was two months old. Kristina became their family’s second adopted child. Heather could visit her daughter under court order, but only in the presence of guardians.

Nancy felt deeply for Heather, seeing how she was suffering as a result of her child’s separation. Many meetings ended in tears, and both mothers sobbed as they shared their feelings.It was difficult for Heather to accept that her daughter was being raised by another woman, but she liked Nancy. Heather and her husband Andy Tarnowski devised a plan to kidnap Kristina shortly after learning about the girl’s family.

They realized they couldn’t do this to Nancy and her family after getting to know her better.Heather adored her daughter and wished to reclaim her, but she realized she couldn’t do so until she conquered her addiction. She did not miss a single meeting with the child and demonstrated her willingness to change through her overall behavior. Kristina’s illness was the tipping point.

She was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a rare disease in which some skull bones fuse prematurely and cannot take the normal shape required for a growing brain. The young lady required surgery. Nancy and Heather had a candid conversation in the midst of their despair. The young mother sobbed and blamed herself for her child’s illness, but Nancy was able to comfort her and persuade her to go to a rehabilitation center.

Heather concurred. The American was already drug-free by the time the girl was discharged from the hospital. A new court session was quickly convened. Andy and Heather regained custody of the child and took Kristina home, where her younger sister Emma awaited her.

Nancy and Heather have had a close relationship for over five years. Kristina’s former guardian’s family was replenished when the couple adopted a boy. Heather remains “clean.” She sticks to her chosen life plan for the sake of her children and a woman who, despite her ruthless lines, was able to consider herself and show her the right path.

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