The great story of minus 200kg for the sake of love. How he looks now is unbelievable!

Girls do not always become heroines in stories about extreme weight loss for love. Today we’ll tell you about a guy who lost 200 pounds for the sake of his girlfriend.Akyn Turkoglu, 22, decided to lose weight so that the beloved’s family would take their relationship seriously.

The man’s starting weight was nearly 300 kilograms. Akyn revised his diet and began to incorporate healthier foods to achieve the desired result.Furthermore, the young man began to track the calorie content of his food, so that the previously popular fast food did not appear on the menu.

It was difficult for the guy to participate in sports. So he decided to begin by walking. Turkoglu travels approximately 25 kilometers per day to realize his dream: while losing weight, he completely abandons transportation and stops driving his own car. The boy’s efforts did not go unnoticed.

He lost over 200 kilograms for love. However, Akyn Turkoglu was unable to persuade his family that he was worthy of her hand…The determined young man does not give up. He knows he will meet his true soul mate in the future now that he is fit and finally starting to believe in himself.

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