Watch the video below! Chicken With No Toes Learns How To Walk With The Help Of His Little Shoes

When things in life try to hold us back, one of the things that gets us through them is our resilience.Nubz is a cute little chicken with a sweet personality despite his disability.He was given the name “Nubz” because he lacks nubs (get it?). He has no toes. He has no tips or nails on any of his toes, giving them the appearance of duck feet.He now lives in a sanctuary with Meesh, his new owner.

According to her, Nubz’s previous owner learned that she ran a rescue and asked if she could take some chickens, of which Nubz was one.The lady, however, did not mention how Nubz lost his toes. Despite his disability, Nubz receives the love and care he requires from Meesh, and her parents enjoy seeing him when she pays them a visit.Meesh had an idea one day about some dog shoes he had lying around his house that no one was using.

So she tried them on Nubz to see if it would help him walk better.He walked funny in them at first, but after a week, he got the hang of it and began exploring the entire sanctuary.Meesh’s mother-in-law sent her a few pairs of shoes for Nubz, bringing his total to 30 pairs.The brown shoes are Nubz’s favorite pair.

He appears to be walking more comfortably and confidently since he began wearing his tiny shoes. “I think it’s just because it’s given him confidence that he can go further,” Meesh explained.In the video below, you can see Nubz’s collection of tiny little shoes.

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