A Loving Mare Adopts A Lonely Baby Donkey At The Sanctuary

We all yearn for our mothers’ love. They are the first people we seek when we are in a frightening situation, and they never fail to console us when we are in pain.Ben is a lonely baby donkey at The Donkey Sanctuary who needs someone to look after him.The Donkey Sanctuary is a UK-based organization that provides shelter and care to over 7000 donkeys.Ben’s mother was already pregnant when she arrived at the sanctuary.

She, on the other hand, rejected and abandoned him from the moment he was born.Ben entered the world with no idea who he is. He couldn’t even suckle on his mother because she had already abandoned him on his first day of life. When the staff at the sanctuary became aware of Ben’s situation, they took turns bottle-feeding him throughout the night. On his third day, they also began training him to move around and interact with other donkeys.

Apparently, their caring hands weren’t enough, and Ben still needed the love that only a mother can provide, so they introduced him to Jingles, a mare who also longs to care for a foal.Ben took about four to five hours to get used to Jingles. After a series of escapes, he eventually learned to trust her and feel safe around her.Jingles looked after Ben well. She was fiercely protective of him.

Ben finally got to know what it’s like to have a mother, and Jingles remembered what it’s like to be a mother to a foal.He’s made a lot of friends, and while he doesn’t need Jingles’ attention as much anymore, she still makes sure to look after him wherever he goes and whatever he does.In the video below, you can see how Ben’s life changed after meeting Jingles.

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