Hero Dad Saves Daughter From Coyote Attack

It’s terrifying to see someone you care about being attacked by a wild animal. This happened to a father picking up his two-year-old daughter from preschool, and he had no choice but to act quickly. This two-year-old girl was being dragged by the mouth by a coyote, and her father couldn’t get to her fast enough.The coyote had surprised the little girl and pounced on her, attempting to drag her away. The little girl screams, and dad rushes to her aid.

He quickly pulls her away from the coyote’s jaws, and when it appears that the coyote will return, her father picks up a water bottle and hurls it at the creature. The child was returned to her mother, who had been watching and screaming in the background. Her father chased the coyote away, and her mother described her husband as a true hero that day. A raccoon attacked another young girl across the country.

A five-year-old girl was attacked by a raccoon, which latched onto her leg and refused to let go. She screamed and then kicked the raccoon. Her mother quickly intervenes between her daughter and the potentially rabid raccoon. She instructs her daughter to enter the house.

As the raccoon snarls at the mother and grabs her, she warns a neighbor. She tries to get rid of it, but the raccoon holds on tight. She finally gets the raccoon off her and goes inside to check on her daughter. Both the mother and daughter have received rabies vaccinations and are now safe.

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