After the first date, she sent 65 thousand SMS. What happened next?

“Love is an all—consuming thing,” she said, explaining her actions. He and I met on the internet. We’re not sure how the date went, but Jacqueline literally pelted the chosen one with SMS messages afterward. She sent him approximately 500 messages per day. “I felt like I’d met my soulmate, and I thought we’d have everything like the others: we’d get married, and everything would be fine,” Jacqueline explained when she was arrested nearly a year later.

Threats, harassment, and failure to appear in court on a summons were all charged against the woman. According to the police, not all of her SMS messages were innocent messages from a woman in love.Here are some examples of messages published in the press by investigators: “Don’t even try to stop me… I’ll murder you… “I don’t want to be a killer!” “What would I do with your blood…?”

“I’d like to swim in it.” According to the authorities, Jacqueline’s designated recipient received approximately 65 thousand messages from her, prompting him to contact the police. The woman will now have to appear in court, and depending on the outcome, she may be assigned a medical examination. In the meantime, Jacqueline is stuck in the precinct without a phone.

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