I can’t put it into words: a touching meeting of an elderly couple after 8 months of separation

The couple hugged and took each other’s hands for the first time after a long separation. No one in the room could keep from crying when they saw them. Lewis Tannicliff, 84, and his wife Barbara were only separated for a few days during their 61-year marriage. In 1958, the couple met and married two years later. The couple had two daughters as well as four grandchildren.

Barbara, a former nurse, began to show the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease about a year ago. She fell and was taken to the hospital before the first quarantine. Lewis, who is developing dementia, realized after being discharged that he would be unable to care for Barbara alone, so the family decided to place her in a nursing home.

Lewis was only allowed to see his wife once a week due to coronavirus restrictions, and only through a glass screen. The man’s health has suffered as a result of his life without a spouse. Lewis was admitted to the hospital shortly before Christmas, where he contracted the coronavirus. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and was able to return home. But as the years passed, Lewis began to feel ill and decided to relocate to the same nursing home where his wife now resides.

Lewis was able to hug Barbara for the first time after 8 months of separation, and the touching meeting was captured on video. The video shows a man crying down his cheeks as he tells his beloved, “You’re beautiful.” Lewis kneeled down and hugged his wife for the first time in a long time, telling her that he would always be by her side. Looking at the couple’s tender relationship, none of those present could hide their emotions. Lewis also admitted that he “feels like he came on a first date with Barbara.”

According to the couple’s daughter, Sam, Dad couldn’t sleep the night before the meeting. He was nervous, so he awoke early to shave and clean up. Barbara was helped to style her hair and get a manicure by nursing home employees. It was both pleasant and bitter to witness my parents’ tears. Sam is disappointed that her father and mother will have to live in a nursing home, but she is relieved that they will be together.

“Dad missed Mom terribly.” “And despite the fact that my sister was present, he still felt lonely,” the woman recalls.It’s all finished now. The couple spends the entire day together, including lunch and holding hands. “It’s great to see them together again.” “They’ve always been inseparable and can’t live apart,” Sam explains.

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