Mom stopped cooking and cleaning for the sake of experiment. And that’s what happened

The woman was tired of cleaning and cooking every day, so she decided to teach her husband a lesson while also testing his ability to go without a “servant” for a certain number of days. It all started with a brief message from a Twitter user who goes by the handle “Miss Potkin” on the social network. “I decided to stop washing dishes two days ago.” I cook by myself and am already sick of cleaning everything. Since then, dish pyramids have grown on the table. We’ll soon run out of clean spoons, cups, and plates. Who will be the first to blink? “Certainly not me,” the woman told her reader.

They liked the experiment’s concept. Miss Potkin’s first post received over 190,000 likes from people eager to see how the story progressed. And they were not let down! The woman began reporting online from her own home, telling and showing users what happens when she is not present. As a result, Miss Potkin stated in the next message that the family had used the last deep plate and that the spoons had already run out. “I can hear their mind working. “No, dear, I’m not going to load the dishwasher today,” she wrote.

The next day, Miss Potkin’s husband, Irish, did something unexpected: he threw out the trash. The woman had already decided that her plan had been successful, and the house would now be clean. However, the man did not even touch the dishes or a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, indicating that the experiment was still ongoing. Miss Potkin watched in horror as her husband took out a children’s plastic spoon – the only clean one in the house – and a spare cup, which they used in emergency situations. The kitchen and rooms, she claims, have a “post-apocalyptic look.”

Dirty things were all over the place, and no one thought to collect them and throw them in the washing machine, so a mountain of unwashed dishes grew up in the kitchen. Furthermore, Miss Potkin discovered that one of the bathrooms had no toilet paper and that all of the gels and shampoos had run out.For two days, there was a saucepan on the stove with a single sausage, which the woman jokingly referred to as “the sausage of death.” She could only hope that no one would attempt to eat her. A few days later, a new post appeared on the network, in which Miss Potkin exclaimed with delight that her husband had finally “knew all the joy of tearing off the plates of dried porridge.”

Finally, three days later, THIS began to occur. The husband loaded the dishes into the dishwasher in front of his wife. However, two filthy pots (one of which contained a “sausage of death” that fortunately vanished) remained on the table. My husband also forgot to start the car, so the family was still without clean plates. Or was it a hint that it was time for his wife to resume cleaning?

Ms. Potkin, on the other hand, was adamant: “This is a lesson I use to make myself heard and respected.” Even with small steps, the woman got closer to her goal. Toilet paper, with a margin, appeared in the restrooms. The husband remembered that he needed to start the dishwasher. And soon after, he began general cleaning, cleaning and washing everything that a human hand had not touched in three days in one evening.

Miss Potkin was overjoyed. “We all have good days, bad days, and just terrible days, but no one likes it when they are not appreciated, especially when it comes to our closest ones,” she wrote in her final post. Her appeal was supported by over 16 thousand people, many of whom were women dealing with similar issues in their own families. Many commentators admitted that the experiment inspired them to change and increased their self-esteem. It remains to be seen whether Miss Potkin will be able to consolidate the outcome. But for the time being, she was able to accomplish her goal.

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