The bride and groom discovered that they had previously been in love with each other.

Meet a stranger on the Internet, fall in love, get engaged, and then discover he is your distant first love. Is it a fairy tale? Absolutely not. It was like an epiphany: after seeing a photo on a dating site, he realized he had to meet this girl and immediately messaged her. A correspondence ensued, which quickly grew into a full-fledged novel.

It turned out that she had felt similar emotions. “When I saw him for the first time, I realized that this is the person I’m going to marry,” the girl says. Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders met for the first time in their hometown of American St. Petersburg (Florida). They were born here, attended kindergarten, then went to different cities to study, and then returned.”

We were in the car when Justin inadvertently mentioned how much he liked my name. He was in kindergarten when he fell in love with Amy. “In response, I joked that I didn’t want to hear anything about her — after all, it wasn’t me!” Amy recalls. They then looked through Justin’s childhood photos at his parents’ house. Amy noticed… herself in the group photo from kindergarten!

“It was such a delight that I even burst into tears,” she says.”It turns out that I had feelings for Amy many years ago!” It clearly has significance. We had been so close all this time, but we didn’t realize it. “Everything has finally fallen into place,” Justin is certain. They are getting married and do not hesitate to post happy photos on Instagram.”

They were both very quiet and shy romantics,” kindergarten teachers recalled. They liked each other but didn’t admit it and only loved from a distance. When the photographer arrived, these two were always seated next to each other.”

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