Rude Men Reject Disabled Woman & Say She ‘Isn’t Worth Loving’ – ‘Greatest Man’ Drops to One Knee before Her

A woman had grown accustomed to being rejected by the opposite gender due to her appearance. Men would say mean and rude things that, in retrospect, could have ruined her outlook on love, but they didn’t.Marna Michele had several failed relationships in 2019 that spanned many years. They were so bad that they could have destroyed her life and self-esteem, but she hoped for the best.

Michele remained hopeful that the right man for her was still out there. She could never have imagined as a teenager being given the opportunity to write about something so personal to her, her love life.She got to talk about her life’s love, in particular! The truth was that she was differently abled and needed to use a wheelchair to get around, which made the dating pool smaller than it was for regular people.

Michele opened up about what led to her disability in her piece. She also talked about how men treated her when she was looking for love and going on dates.Michele was born with arthrogryposis, a condition that “affected the development of joints and described congenital joint contracture in the body.” She used leg braces to get around between the ages of five and thirteen, but things changed as she grew older.

When she stood, her body became strained, which overwhelmed her bones, forcing her to use a wheelchair. When she tried dating as a teenager, she was bullied because of her disability. When she got older, she tried the dating app Tinder, but she didn’t fare any better. Michele revealed that she spent six months on the app, but most of the time she received “inappropriate questions,” stating:

“I was even told that because of my disability, I was unlovable.”Her bullying did not destroy her confidence, and she attributed her ability to be comfortable in her own skin to her condition. She had surgery on the day she was born, two on both ankles and each leg, and numerous others. She even remembered being heartbroken the first time she was called a “cripple” in junior high.

Michele cried for several days before asking herself why she was crying, but the bullying and shaming for her disability did not begin until she was in middle school. She admitted that it surprised and hurt her, but she never let it cause her pain or ruin her day. Things were difficult when she first started dating, and it wasn’t until she was in high school that she realized boys couldn’t get past her disability.

The woman acknowledged her disappointment, but she always knew she deserved the best. She desired someone who would love her completely, disability and all, and as fate would have it, she attracted just that!Most people who have used dating apps know that they come with their fair share of creepy people, and Michele was no exception. She admitted that she never had high hopes when using Tinder.

Instead, she used the dating app after ending a three-year relationship with a “not-so-great guy.” Her sister recommended the then-new app before setting her up and swiping for or against men on her behalf. One of the men who responded positively to Michele was Robert, whom she described as her “love of her life.” He became her “best” boyfriend, and she expressed gratitude for meeting on the app.

The woman stated that she knew Robert was special the moment they met! Despite knowing how cruel some people could be, Michele persisted with online dating and was fortunate to meet the “kindest man” she’d ever met. Robert’s girlfriend observed that they interacted differently on Tinder than she did with other people. Within a day of speaking with someone, they would always inquire about her disability and wheelchair.

Robert, on the other hand, talked to Michele for two weeks and even asked her out on their first date without mentioning her wheelchair! She texted him before their date to see if he was aware she was disabled and in a wheelchair, and he replied: “Yeah, it’s on your profile; I don’t care, that doesn’t matter.”Michele felt ridiculous for bringing it up, but it was a habit she’d developed because all the other men she’d spoken with did.

That’s when she realized Robert was special, and he never made her feel inferior or incapable. Robert was always supportive and nonjudgmental. He had the ability to make his girlfriend feel constantly confident and beautiful, and by 2021, Michele’s boyfriend had demonstrated his commitment to her by becoming her fiancé.Michele posted several Instagram photos of herself and Robert in various settings on March 3, 2022.

She wished him a happy 36th birthday and proclaimed him to be the “greatest man of all time!!!” Robert’s partner [Marna Michele] thought they’d gone from strangers to lovers to cohabiting and then engaged. The woman remarked on how God had broken the mold in creating him because he was unlike any other man she’d ever met, and she felt like the luckiest person alive.

Her favorite part was calling him her husband and showing how they’d married!Michele described her husband as her best friend, who made her life delicious and simple. She expressed her desire to spend 36 more years with him before declaring her undying love for her “beautiful man.”

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