What happened when this 4-year-old model falls during his walk on the runway?

Zhang Yaoyang, a 4-year-old Chinese child model, stole the show at a kids’ fashion show in Shanghai after a video of him falling on the runway went viral. This gifted young man has been modeling since the age of two. That, he claims, was his first fall since beginning his career. Zhang wore a brown jacket and navy pants in the video.His curly hair complemented his entire appearance as he walked down the runway towards two other kids who were walking back.

The two children were apparently instructed to ‘hold hands tightly’ while walking, but only at the start. They took it far too seriously and refused to let go.The kids began to fall one after the other in the middle of the runway, right in front of the audience.What’s surprising is that instead of crying like any other normal child, the three kids simply laughed and brushed it off.

“That was so embarrassing!” he’s probably thinking. But what could I possibly do about it? “I guess I’ll just keep walking!” Since the incident, more people have begun to follow Zhang, who already had 12,000 followers on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Facebook.

Viewers agreed that he set a good example. You won’t be able to stop watching this video!

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