Every time, 89-year-old grandfather chases after his granddaughter’s car. He makes her laugh like a child.

They say that having children brings maturity, and having grandchildren brings “second youth.” Consider how the grandfather entertains his grown-up granddaughter. When she arrives, he appears to forget his age. Hayley Gamez, a 30-year-old elementary school teacher from Texas, shared a touching video filled with tenderness and love. Her 89-year-old grandfather, known as Gayva in the family, can be seen cheerfully running after her car and waving his hand in the video.

According to the woman, this is a type of farewell ritual that has been going on for decades, according to the Daily Mail. Gaiva is no longer the same as he was 20-30 years ago, but when his beloved granddaughter visits him, he forgets his venerable age and entertains her as if she were a child. He never misses a “run” – not late at night, not in bad weather. However, as shown in the video, if Gaiva runs in the dark, he is accompanied by his son.

Social media users were taken with the adorable family tradition. Gayva’s videos have nearly 7 million views on TikTok alone! Subscribers wished the man, who was almost unanimously dubbed “the sweetest grandfather in the world,” good health and a long life in the comments. Many users admitted that they miss their grandparents, who were separated from them due to a pandemic or, worse, death.

“You are so fortunate that your grandfather is still alive,” “I miss Grandpa so much,” “I cried as I watched it.” “My grandfather has already passed away, and I miss him terribly,” the subscribers wrote. Hayley, who is expecting her second child, was moved by the attention and kind words directed toward her family. She later posted another video in which she thanked subscribers for their support and discussed how the tradition began.

According to the woman, it all started when her sister was a child. Grandpa Gayva kept her entertained by “catching up” with the leaving car. He began running after Hayley when she was born, and then after her son. Grandpa Gaiva used to be able to run behind the car for an entire block, but active movements are now difficult for him. Even so, he attempts to waddle a few meters.

Hayley’s eyes well up with tears every time she sees these attempts. She can only hope that her grandfather will be able to run after her second child, who will be born soon. “He is filled with so much love!” “She fills everything around her and gives him strength,” the expecting mother says. It’s great when grandchildren respond to grandparents’ care in the same way. For example, this man took his grandmother to the ocean and mountains, which she had always wanted to visit.

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