Lovable Dog watches over baby, proving animals are pure love

If you like dogs and babies, you’re in for a real treat. A watchful dog keeps an eye on a crawling baby to make sure she doesn’t get into anything dangerous. When the dog and the baby need a nap or want to play together, they like to stretch out on the floor together. They are very close and adore each other. Wherever the baby crawls, the dog follows her.Dogs are fantastic when it comes to protecting babies and children.

This video is adorable. The dog is always there to protect the child and keep her safe. When the baby reaches out to pet the dog, the pup lovingly turns toward the baby, as if to say, “Pet me; I love you.” The music in the background completes the video.This dog is clearly a herding dog because it is attempting to herd the baby in a specific direction. What a wonderful babysitter!

The dog is so loving, and the two of them are so pure. It demonstrates that dogs are naturally devoted to their owners, and this pup can’t help but look after its younger sibling.The expression on the dog’s face when they see the baby is priceless.

They look adorable sitting side by side on the floor, relaxed and content to be together. The dog keeps an eye on the baby as she crawls to the other side of the floor to make sure she’s all right. What a wonderful pair of sweethearts! This video is worth watching because cuteness is never a waste of time!

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