Watch the video how this Observant Toddler Spots Missing Woman In The Woods While Playing With Mom

Little children are naturally inquisitive about their surroundings. They enjoy exploring new places and learning about the things they come across. Their curiosity can sometimes save lives.Ethan Moore, a two-year-old boy, just saved the life of an elderly woman while playing in their backyard.Little Ethan was having a great time blowing bubbles with his mother, Brittany Moore, in their backyard on Al Roberts Road in Senoia, Coweta County, Georgia.

Brittany was the one who blew the bubbles that Ethan and their dogs chased. When the wind blew the bubbles toward their fence, Ethan came to a halt and stared into the woods.Brittany was concerned by Ethan’s sudden stop, so she approached him and asked, “What do you see, buddy?” Ethan then pointed and said, “Feet,” but she couldn’t see anything, so she crouched to see the woods through Ethan’s eyes, and that’s when she noticed the pair of feet her son had just seen.

Brittany immediately contacted the police. She waited for them to arrive and confirm that the woman they had seen was still alive and speaking. They also identified the woman as Nina Lipscomb, 82, who has been missing for several days. Brittany thought it was a coincidence because she and her husband, Even, had just discussed her disappearance and the possibility that she had wandered off into the woods.

Who knew it would be their little Ethan who would track her down?Nina’s daughter, Karen, was astounded that a toddler would discover her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s. They’d been looking for her for several days after she went missing one night while looking for her sister, who lived nearby but had died months before.

Brittany believes that God had a hand in how everything turned out. “I truly believe this was something beyond what any human could do,” she said. It took a child who was working for God. We will always teach him what he did and how he contributed to it.”Watch how little Ethan found Nina in the video below.

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