A fifty-year-old mother is mistaken for an adult son’s girlfriend

“When people find out how old I am, they don’t believe me.” Puspa Devi of Jakarta recently celebrated her fiftieth birthday, but many people believe she is only twenty-five. More than 250 thousand followers have subscribed to her Instagram account, who never tire of admiring a woman’s beautiful appearance. “I am frequently told that the older I get, the younger I appear.

And it appears to me that this is true, because I have become happier over the years — the children are now adults, and I can do what I enjoy. “I literally exude happiness.” Puspa, also known as “Mama Hadi,” leads an active lifestyle. She owns her own business and participates in aerobics, swimming, badminton, and Zumba dancing. She claims she has never used cosmetologists and that her appearance is solely due to genetics, regular physical activity, and a healthy diet.

Puspa’s 50th anniversary was marked by a family celebration. Puspa frequently finds himself in awkward situations due to his youthful appearance. The lovely mother, who has been happily married for many years, is occasionally mistaken for the daughter of one of her sons. A recent photo of her with her sons Dennis and Daniel sparked much debate on social media. Users couldn’t believe their mother was pictured with twenty-year-old handsome men.

Nature bestowed upon Puspa a bright appearance as well as business acumen. Her ageless beauty and constant user attention aid in the promotion of the family business, HadiGenetics, which develops fitness programs and creates an individual nutrition plan.

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