The world’s smallest island. Take a tour inside!

Because not everyone can afford a sea-bordered plot of land all to themselves, many people believe that owning an island is a symbol of luxury and wealth. The truth is that owning an island is only available to the very wealthy. Consider “Just Room Enough Island,” which is located off the coast of Alexandria Bay, New York, on the Saint Lawrence River.

The Thousands Islands are a group of 1,864 islands located along a stretch of the Saint Lawrence River that straddles the Canada-US border. Many of these islands are owned by the government, but some are privately owned and inhabited. One such island is aptly named the “Just Room Enough” island because it has just enough space in the front yard for a couple of people, a tree, and a few garden benches.

This plot of land is the size of a tennis court, but it is considered an island because it meets the requirements that an island be a piece of land that is above water all year and can support a living tree. As a result, “Just Room Enough” has just enough space to check off all of the conditions.Since the 1950s, the Sizeland family has owned this island as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Because the island has been named the smallest inhabited island in the United States, it has become a tourist attraction, much to Sizeland’s chagrin. All of the attention overshadows the original purpose of owning the island, which was meant to be an escape from the public eye.

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