The twins sued 94 million from the university, which did not like their identical exam results

The medical school teachers did not believe the sisters could think in the same way. They were charged with “secret signals” and “exchanging notes.” In 2016, identical twins Kayla and Kelly Bingham passed an exam test, the results of which almost entirely coincided. According to Insider, Kayla and Kelly were sitting about 1-1.5 meters apart in the audience that day, and neither could see what the other was writing.

However, after comparing the sisters’ tests, where even the incorrect answers were the same, the Medical University of South Carolina leadership concluded that their students were most likely cheating. According to Proctor’s observations, Kyle and Kelly “nodded their heads during the exam, and sometimes took their eyes off computers, looked around the classroom, or turned notebooks.”

Two weeks after the exam, a letter was sent to the Medical College’s Honor Council stating that fraud had occurred, followed by a trial. The sisters claimed they didn’t exchange information and instead “nodded, just reading questions on their own computer screen.” Despite the fact that the school board initially found Kayla and Kelly guilty, the decision was reversed following an appeal. But studying for girls has become a nightmare.

Kayla and Kelly left medical school to attend law school, where they graduated last year with an average (by the way, also the same). Their new mission is to fight for the truth. “A lot of mistakes were made by teachers and university staff that led to what happened to us.” But we must stand and fight. “We hope that our efforts will benefit other twins,” the sisters say.

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