Woman Feels She ‘Doesn’t Fit In’ With Her Family — Decades Later, DNA Test Reveals Mother’s Cheating

For many years, a woman had the uneasy feeling that she was different from her family. She eventually couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to take an ancestry test. What happened next stunned her and rendered her speechless. Miki O’Brien lived for a long time with a strange feeling that she never dared to share with anyone in her family. “My whole life, I had a gut feeling that one of my parents wasn’t biologically my parent,” the Missouri substitute teacher admitted, referring to her father in particular.

But the question was, why did she have such strong feelings for the man who had raised her? O’Brien had her reasons, as her personality and appearance did not match the rest of her family members, particularly her father.O’Brien had gone on with her life for as long as she could remember, never finding the strength to dig for details. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling and wanted to know if her hunch was correct or incorrect.

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Her mother called again a few minutes later, saying she had always wondered but had never known for certain. Many years passed, and finally, three years after her father’s death, in 2021, she decided to muster the courage to act. Soon after, she bought a DNA test kit in order to discover the truth once and for all. However, when the results arrived and O’Brien examined them, she was taken aback.

What had previously been a gut feeling became a painful reality—her biological father was not the man who had raised her—which shook O’Brien to his core. O’Brien was always the odd one out in her family portrait. She bore no resemblance to her father, who she claimed was six inches shorter. She, too, lacked his “widow’s peak,” but her sister did, which had always perplexed her.

Furthermore, she did not share her father’s and sister’s views on a variety of issues, including politics. Despite her family’s love and affection, O’Brien stated that she always felt she “didn’t fit in” because she was the odd child. Her dressing style and fashion sense differed from those of her family; while they preferred to keep things classy and neat, she dyed her hair blue. Despite knowing something was wrong, O’Brien claimed she was too attached to her parents to do anything.

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As a “daddy’s girl” who adored and admired her father, O’Brien was concerned that taking an ancestry test would ruin everything. And she couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her father and severing their incredible bond. Unfortunately, O’Brien lost her beloved father in 2018, shattering her heart into a million pieces. Almost two years later, in December 2020, she was having dinner with her mother when she abruptly brought up a subject that had been on her mind for quite some time.

“For some reason, I’d always wondered if one of you wasn’t my biological parent,” O’Brien inquired. Her mother avoided the question with a confused expression that she quickly concealed. O’Brien, on the other hand, said she could see her mother’s agitation. O’Brien ordered a DNA testing kit online later that night and put it off for several months. Finally, in June 2021, the then-43-year-old teacher overcame her fears and took the exam.

She received the results in an early morning email nearly a month later.She opened the email, clutching her heart, and began reading the results. O’Brien recalled carefully reading the report and discovering only her mother’s side of the family but nothing about her father or his relatives. She could tell something wasn’t right by the time she finished reading it all.

Miki O'Brien, a Missouri substitute teacher | Source: tiktok.com/@a.not.so.perfect.mom

O’Brien was stunned by the findings and puzzled as to why none of her father’s family members appeared in the report. She couldn’t get her mind off the many unfamiliar names that appeared as her relatives. O’Brien decided to talk to the one person who could help her understand the mind-boggling test results after leaving her two boys at her ex-husband’s house—her mother.

O’Brien stated that she called her mother and informed her that she had taken an ancestry test and was unable to find her father’s or grandmother’s surnames in the results. Her mother called again a few minutes later, saying she had always wondered but had never known for certain. She described how she had a one-night stand with a man while separated from her husband.

According to O’Brien, her mother had no idea because when she went to the doctor while pregnant, the doctor misinterpreted the time span and informed her that her husband was the baby’s father. In other words, O’Brien’s mother was unaware that her husband was not her daughter’s biological father until the DNA test results arrived.Following her explanation, the Missouri resident mentioned how her mother was hesitant to tell her about her biological father and his whereabouts.

She turned out to know her biological father. O’Brien eventually discovered that her birth father had two daughters whose names sounded eerily similar to hers. Everything made sense because O’Brien was childhood friends with the girls and had visited their home frequently as a child.Despite the fact that she hadn’t seen them since she was seven, she admitted to having vivid memories of their time together.

Unfortunately, O’Brien’s biological father was no longer alive; all she remembered about him as a child was his gentle and loving nature. She did, however, have the opportunity to reconnect with her half-siblings. O’Brien decided to contact her newfound family after experiencing an identity crisis and struggling with her emotions. Unfortunately, not everyone shared her sentiments, and some of her relatives claimed she had destroyed lives by taking the DNA test.

Meanwhile, O’Brien took another ancestry test and discovered her grandparents, uncles, and aunts. They planned to meet at a family gathering in the near future because many of them lived all over the United States.Her half-siblings, on the other hand, were overjoyed to hear from her and learn about their connection. With plans to meet in person, O’Brien recalled what one of her sisters had said to her: “[We are] surprised at how similar we are:

we’re both sarcastic, with dark humor but loving hearts.” Despite feeling strange about not having her father’s “widow’s peak,” O’Brien was relieved to discover she had her family’s nose. When she told her teenage sons about the new information, they were reportedly unfazed. While the discovery changed O’Brien’s life forever, it did not change her love and appreciation for the man who raised her and her sons. Nothing could ever take his place in her heart, and no matter what the DNA test revealed, she would always consider him her father.

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