According to a former hotel employee, you should never eat the continental breakfast.

There’s something comforting about staying in a hotel. It gets us away from home for a while, and many of us appreciate being able to go down and get breakfast in the morning. According to the revelations of a former hotel employee, that morning breakfast may be something best avoided. The Tennessee social media user shares her information on TikTok, and over 1.5 million people have watched it.

Brandy Augustine, a 36-year-old former hotel employee, explains why we should never eat the continental breakfast. To put it succinctly, it’s revolting.
“If your hotel serves, like, a hot continental breakfast or whatever — eggs, waffles, stuff like that,” she says, “don’t eat that s-t.” She then advises people not to eat the free breakfast.

One of the reasons she is so opposed to eating the free breakfast is because of her training. Her trainer, a night auditor, taught her to clean everything with a single paper towel all night. He justified it as environmentally friendly, but let’s be honest: it’s disgusting and cheap.Another issue concerns the raw bread and pastries. According to the New York Post, Augustine told Jam Press that no gloves were used and no hands were washed when they were handled.

They’d put out leftovers from the buffet from the day before, so who knows how many people touched it! According to Augustine, you should avoid eating the free meal at almost every hotel. She even says, “Sausage is not supposed to be grey.” She then proceeded to one of many people’s favorite areas, the waffle station. It should be avoided because they reuse the leftover batter until it begins to smell like beer.

She claims she lost all hope when she was asked to smell the batter to ensure that it was still good. According to the New York Post, “that completely soured my stomach, as the batter had a slight odor to it but the container was a little over half full — so instead of wasting the old batter, I was told to just mix new batter into it and the smell would go away.”

She did discuss the issue with management, but they claim that they have passed health checks, so things can’t be that bad. Because health inspectors did not come during her shift, she never went so far as to speak with them. She had to eat breakfast as a single mother of two, so she chose foods that would not make her sick. Unopened pastries and fresh waffle mix were examples of this.

She’d also try to take advantage of the omelet station because the chances of getting sick were lower when the food was being prepared in front of her. Many people reacted to her revelations, but one thing is certain: I will never look at continental breakfast the same way again.

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