When a homeless woman discovers that her toddler’s bike has been stolen, she knows exactly what to do.

Giving to others even when you don’t have much yourself is a sign of great character.Liz Fuller-Wright of Rockland, Maine, just gave her 3-year-old son, Will, his first bicycle. It was a Spider-Man bike, and he couldn’t wait to try it out. Liz walked while Will rode his bike to the nearest Walgreens, where they had a congratulatory treat.

When they returned outside, the bike had vanished. Liz looked around, but the bicycle had vanished into thin air. “It was a mixed bag of emotions, I mean, sad, disappointed, and angry at the state of humanity,” Liz explained. “He’s three years old, this is his first bike, and you wouldn’t think anyone would do that.”

Liz Fuller-Wright helps her son Will ride his Spider-Man bike on the sidewalk.

Later, the Rockland Police Department posted security video of the crime on Facebook, requesting the public for assistance in identifying the thief, who arrived on another bicycle. No one has come forward with that information yet, but someone else saw the article on Facebook and was devastated to see that someone had stolen from a small child. Will needed a hero, so the woman, who begged to stay nameless, decided to be that hero!

“What was this little boy thinking when he came out of that store with his mom and saw his bike was missing?” she wondered. “I sobbed. “I was concerned about what that little boy would be thinking about the world as he grew up.” Despite the fact that she is homeless and lives in her car, the stranger traveled to Walmart and purchased the same Spider-Man bike for Will.

man riding a different bicycle in Rockland, ME.

She also purchased him a new helmet and a bike lock. She delivered the goods to the Rockland Police Department, who assured her that they would be delivered to Will.The incident was reported by police on social media, and the public was quick to reciprocate the woman for her generosity. The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition stepped in to support her with contributions, and they’re planning a bike drive to help other kids in need because so many people have donated new bicycles!

A Spider-Man bike with a helmet and a lock.

Will is enjoying his second new bike, and his mother says the gesture of goodwill meant more to her and her family than words can explain. “I was able to give her a call, and we spoke for a few minutes, and she told me her story, and I couldn’t believe it,” Liz explained. “She wasn’t wealthy, but she gave so much, so generously, to a little boy she’d never met or known because she wanted him to be happy.”

Spider-Man bikes hanging up at Walmart.

She didn’t want him to believe there were nasty people in the world. She urged him to believe in humanity.”Even though she doesn’t even have a place to live, this mother compassionately helped a child who had been wronged. We hope that the community continues to assist her in getting back on her feet.

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