Watch video how this Tiktoker faked his own death then showed up at the funeral in a helicopter to teach his wider family a lesson

A Tiktoker in Belgium pretended to die before flying to his own funeral in a helicopter to see who from his extended family showed up. David Baerten, who goes by the Tiktok handle @ragnar_le_fou, performed the prank in front of mourners over the weekend with the support of his wife and children, who assisted him in planning it.

Several Tiktoker films appear to portray images from the day, including shots of a casket and a memorial. His daughter also helped set the atmosphere by posting, “Rest in peace, Daddy.” According to the Times of London, “I will never stop thinking about you.””Why is life so cruel?” Why are you here? You were about to become a grandfather, and you still had the rest of your life ahead of you.

I adore you! We adore you! “You will never be forgotten by us,” she continued. Clips from the staged funeral circulating on Tiktok show people reacting in astonishment as a black chopper lands in a nearby field and his wife and family walk out to greet him. “It’s not possible,” one stunned funeral attendee exclaimed.

A composite of TikTok screenshots showing, left, a view across a field with people running towards tiktoker David Baerten's helicopter, (middle) one of Baerten wiping tears from his eyes, and (R) a family member embracing him.

Later in the video, a sobbing mourner embraces Baerten. Baerten, who has 160,000 TikTok followers, is no stranger to flamboyant actions. In another video, he was recorded giving his sister a car to celebrate her new employment. He described his motivation for the funeral stunt, saying that the family had grown apart and he wanted to bring them back together.

“We all drifted away. I was underappreciated. That’s why I wanted to teach them a lesson and educate them that you shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to meet up with them,” he told The Times. In a subsequent video, he stated that, while he was grateful to feel loved on his ‘funeral’ day, “it’s when we’re alive that we need to hear these things.””I did this to start my life again with you,” he explained to his extended family.

Some internet users were moved by his unconventional endeavor to reunite his family. Others who claim to have lost a loved one were shocked. “You don’t mess with death; I lost my husband, and it’s difficult to live through the loss of someone you care about.” “I’m stunned,” one reviewer said. Another simply stated, “I’ve been saddened to learn of this so-called death… I’m having problems understanding the joke because I lost my father when I was 18 and my mother when I was 29.”


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