Sweet Little Girl Finally Gets Adopted After 1,954 Days In Foster Care

We all need a place to call home as children. Unfortunately, this appears to be impossible for some children.The foster care system in the United States includes more than 406,000 children who are either in the process of being placed with a nurturing family or are still waiting for such placement, but there are only about 215,000 foster parents willing to care for them temporarily.

Cindy and Jeffrey Moore, who live just outside of Buffalo, New York, are two of the most compassionate families who have been fostering children for the past eight years.The couple has always been considerate and attentive. They knew they wanted to have children from the beginning of their relationship, and after dealing with infertility, they chose to care for as many children as they could by becoming foster parents.

They had roughly 30 youngsters in their care; some stayed for only a few days, while others stayed for much longer.Cindy and Jeffrey received a call from the foster agency five years ago about a newborn girl called Cece who required an emergency temporary placement.Cindy fell in love with Cece and told the foster agency that if she needed a more permanent home, she and her husband would be willing to take her.

Cindy and Jeffrey fostered Cece as foster parents for five years while her adoption was pending. Cece grew up with the other children they were fostering, including two who they eventually adopted.Cece is now officially a Moore after 1,954 days. “We’ve had very sweet kids come and go through our home,” Cindy added, “but luckily this one isn’t going anywhere.”

On the day of her adoption, they also heard that Cece’s half-brother, whom they were already fostering, was now adoptable as well, and they promptly began his adoption process after hearing the wonderful news.

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