Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday And Says Secret To Long Life Is Drinking Coca-Cola Every Day

A 107-year-old woman from New Tampa, Florida, is enjoying her birthday. What a landmark! She claims that drinking Coca-Cola every day is the key to her long life. Yummy! Frances Brassey is the alleged oldest living inhabitant in Hillsborough County, according to staff at her assisted living home.

Frances was born in Montana on October 4, 1912, just six months after the Titanic sank! Legacy at Highwoods Preserve is the name of her assisted living facility. Ashley Gunter, Legacy’s Lifestyle Director, adds that Frances has toured the world and collects trinkets from various locations, including china, which she keeps in her room.

Frances’s longevity secret is to drink Coca-Cola every day!The 107-year-old retired to Florida in the 1980s and didn’t enter an assisted living home until she was 103! The facility has now held a party to commemorate Frances’s 107th birthday. They invited all of the locals to join them in celebrating.

They’d also surprise Frances with a birthday photo shoot from Ashley Victoria Photography to commemorate the occasion. As shown in the photo above, she even gets her hair done and puts on a birthday Tiara!

Everyone contributed to her birthday celebration!When people question Frances about her secret to longevity, she claims it’s because she drinks Coca-Cola every day, according to Gunter. We don’t know how much she drinks, but it sounds like a great deal! Some people attribute their long lives to whiskey, and Betty White has even attributed hers to a diet of vodka and hotdogs.

Meet Frances Brassey and get a sneak peak at her birthday party in the video clip below!

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