72-Year-Old Graduates From College As His 99-Year-Old Mom Watches

No matter how old you are, there is always a chance to go after your dreams.At the age of 72, Sam Kaplan is happy to have a degree.He just got his degree from Georgia Gwinnett College in Cinema and Media Arts. He was able to enjoy his graduation with his proud 99-year-old mother, which made the day even more special.Sam said that it wasn’t easy for him to get there.

After he finished high school in 1969, he had to work at different jobs to pay the bills.Over the years, he ran a cleaning service, became a manager at a telemarketing company, worked in customer service for a company that sold electronics wholesale, and drove a car.When he was driving one day, he heard on the radio that a college had a degree in scriptwriting. This was the start of his journey as a college student.

Later, he drove to Georgia Gwinnett College and signed up for classes for the fall term.Sam had trouble getting used to school at first because he was so young, but he found a way to connect with his friends and teachers. He made it a goal to start talks with people at school every day by asking them about their plans for school and life.Sam worked hard for years and didn’t give up. Now he has a degree and is an inspiration to a lot of people.

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