From having no children to having triplets and twins in less than a year is quite a change.

Sarah and Andy Justice of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were all about having kids. It’s not that they weren’t good enough for each other, but they both wanted to be parents. They tried many times to have a child but were not successful. Finally, they chose to adopt. The adoption service put the couple in touch with a woman who was pregnant but couldn’t care for a child and wanted to give it up for adoption when it was born.

Sarah and Andy were with her the whole time she was pregnant. They even went to the doctor’s visits with her. One day, during a routine check-up, they found out something that really shocked them. The mother was having three babies, not just one. The Justices were about to become parents of three almost right away.Sarah and Andy were overjoyed when Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born.

The triplets were born early, so they had to stay in the NICU for a while. They did well there, though, and were soon able to go home. Just a few weeks after adopting a child, the couple found out that Sarah was pregnant. She was going to have twins. So, even though they hadn’t been able to have children before, they now had two more.

About 8 months later, Abigail and Andrew, who were twins, were born. This made the house very, very full. Well, the road to becoming a parent wasn’t over yet. After a year, Sarah got pregnant again.

This time, she only had one child, so she and her husband now had six kids.The family was asked to tell their story on the Today Show in 2014. Andy said that when their kids were babies, they went through about 300 diapers in a single week.

“As soon as you finish changing one diaper, you have to start over.” But even though things were hard, they have no regrets. Sarah said, “We just love having these kids.”Isn’t their family lovely?

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