Mom Leaves 4 Kids While Their Poor Dad Never Leaves Them: ‘They Don’t Deserve to Suffer’

A lot of families go through hard times that can often shake them to their core. One family in the Cerro Colorado neighborhood of Cordoba, Argentina, had their family ties put to the test when the mother left them and only the father could take care of the four children. In spite of everything, they learned how important family is.

When Enrique Alegra Valdivia’s wife told him she wanted to split up, the father of four was completely surprised. To make things even worse, the mom chose to just leave the dad with the kids. Valdivia’s life turned upside down in just a few days, but he chose to do his best for his kids.Valdivia has done his best to take care of his kids since his wife left him in 2022.

Enrique Alegría Valdivia in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

He works hard to make money and takes care of their basic needs. Without his wife’s help, Valdivia’s life has become hard because he has to feed four people on a small pay and make sure his kids get to school on time. Even though things can be hard at home, Valdivia is a good father who always tries to keep a positive mood to put his kids at ease.

The father said that he thinks about his kids all the time and does his best to make sure they are never late to school and always have enough food. Valdivia gets up every day, though, ready to feed his kids and get them where they need to go before he goes to work.Valdivia works on building projects to make a living. The father of four has recently started working on his own, even though he has plenty of chances to work for a big company.

He said that working for himself gives him more freedom to choose his own hours, which lets him take care of his kids. He said, “My kids go to school at 7:45 a.m. So I can’t start work at 7 a.m. like they usually do on building sites. I look for my own small jobs so I don’t hurt anyone or give them a reason to say I’m late or work less.

Valdivia saves money to buy a house while he works and takes care of his kids. At the time, Valdivia’s family lives with one of his friends, but the father of four hopes to one day buy his own home. He says that one day he will have enough money to build a good house for his family.The oldest of Valdivia’s kids can help out around the house, which is good. The 11-year-old often helps take care of his or her younger brothers, who are ages 9, 7, and 5.

Enrique Alegría Valdivia and his kids in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

Still, Valdivia and his family have a hard time making ends meet, so life can be hard for them. A local news outlet heard about Valdivia’s efforts to raise his kids on his own and decided to interview him a few days before Father’s Day. When asked how he planned to spend the holiday, Valdivia said that all he wanted to do was spend the day with his children.Valdivia said that he doesn’t have many other people he could spend Father’s Day with, but he doesn’t mind.

The caring dad just wants to spend time with his four kids. Valdivia is happy because he has his kids. And he admitted that, despite their hard lives, they often make him happy. Even though things can be hard at home, Valdivia is a good father who always tries to keep a positive mood to put his kids at ease. He also said that he tries to smile as much as he can, even when money problems make him feel like giving up. Valdivia thinks that’s what his kids deserve.

Valdivia wants to save enough money to buy a house for his family, but all his kids want is a ball to play with. Valdivia told them they couldn’t have the toy because they don’t have much money and what he can save should go toward the house. Still, the father felt for his children: “They don’t deserve to be hurt and sad. If my son were to do that, I would have to cry. No matter what, I’d have to cry more in front of them.”

Enrique Alegría Valdivia and his kids in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

Valdivia’s story also got around to the people in his town, and many of them saw how hard the single dad works to raise his kids. People think of him as a hero because he works hard to give his children the best life he can. And Valdivia is getting praise from more than just the people who live there.Since Valdivia’s story was in the news, it has kept getting told all over the world.

People on social media are fascinated by the father who does everything he can to raise his four kids alone, and they have shared the story even more than the local news could have.Valdivia works hard to make a living on his own, but a fund has been set up to help the father of four get the things his kids need. With help from other people, his five-year-old can finally get the ball he’s been wanting so much.

The happy father of four kids said about them, “I give everything I can and have. I’ll always be there for my kids. They’re there to love and care for them, and they’re also my biggest strength. I know that I will get enough land to build our house at some point.” Want to see more? Click here to read a story about a sick man whose kids didn’t care about him until the family lawyer called them.

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