A widow who is 85 years old wants everyone to read a letter she wrote to people who don’t want children.

It really opened my eyes when I heard Elon Musk say that the biggest threat to humanity is depopulation. After doing some study, I found that depopulation is a secret, but the biggest threat to humanity in the future. Last year, 620,000 people left Japan, and since the 1970s, the US has been losing population faster than it can replace itself.

This is because of things like immigration, but the most typical reason is the death rate compared to the birth rate. The people who make it happen are the only ones who can decide if they want kids or not. But in the last few years, more and more people don’t want to have children. Some studies show that the change from “freelance” work to being a parent can hurt your marriage after the first child.

Before making one, it’s best to give it a lot of thought, because a child can bring a lot of stress and duty to people who aren’t ready for it. This will then cause confusion between the parents and hurt their relationship as well as the health and well-being of the child. We found a letter on reddit from an older woman who chose not to have kids with her partner, and everyone has to read it.

This is what she says. A message to young adults who don’t want to have children:I wonder if I’m the oldest person to post on this site. A young woman told me about this site, and for the past few weeks I have been reading many of your posts and comments. Many have made me smile. Some of them have hurt me. It seems to me that many of you are on this site to back up your choice to change your life. It’s important to find people who are like you, and I get that.

So, let me just say that, based on what I know, your choice is a good one. And please give me 5 minutes if you want to know why I think that. Just over 50 years ago, I got married. We went against the norm and didn’t want children. We used to say “we’re trying” for a few years, and then “we can’t have kids” and that was the end of it. It was just between us. It didn’t matter to anyone.

If we had been honest and said, “We can’t have kids because we don’t want them,” things would have been hard with our family and friends. In a few words, our 50 years were perfect. We had good jobs, didn’t worry about money, and did things that interested us. Had a lot of friends and a lot of beautiful nieces and nephews. Would I do it again if I could go back in time? (Being childless), yes, definitely. I would do the same thing over and over again if I could.

I’ve known and met a lot of people. This is what I’ve noticed: GROUP A: They have a great life, kids, and everything is great. I know a lot of people, so it can and does happen. GROUP B: They have kids, they have troubles, and life is hard for them. Many people wish they could start over without kids. GROUP C: They’re happy because they have kids. But then their hearts break when the nest is empty and they don’t see each other as much.

GROUP D: The group with no children. I didn’t know many. I can’t tell you how many people are in each group or how they are split up. In the end, I’ve found that GROUP D is always the most happy and satisfied. People from GROUP A are also happy, of course. Ten years ago, my husband died. I cried over him and still do every day. But not having kids means that my life has never been about them.

I had a large group of friends and so many things I liked to do. I was able to get on with my life. Life goes on, and I now have a new partner and a full, happy life. My friends who have kids and have lost their spouses have the same problem: their kids don’t give them enough time. It hurts and makes them sad. They depend too much on them. They want “payback” for the time and money they spend on them.

Their interests and pleasures are sometimes nonexistent because everything is/was about their kids (and grandkids). One friend told me something I’ll never forget: “The empty nest thing is real. It’s like being dumped by the love of your life after two or three decades, but staying friends.” It never stays the same. I now live in a “rest home” with my own room. I have great friends, busy days, and wonderful coworkers. One of them is a young woman who has asked me a lot of questions about not having kids and told me about this site.

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