After a Burger King employee does this at the drive-thru, a woman posts about it on Facebook, and it goes viral.

A woman’s Facebook post about a strange conversation she had with a Burger King worker has been shared millions of times. Rebecca Boening, who is from Texas and wrote the story, said that when she pulled up to the drive-thru window, it was hard for her to place her order.Boening was shocked by how quickly the Burger King worker quit after she told her boss she had diabetes.

Please take a moment to read what she wrote below.Rebbecca Boening: I was going west on I-40 on Wednesday afternoon when my blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level. Luckily, there was a Burger King at the next exit. As I fumbled with my order, I told the person on the speaker that I had diabetes and needed food.When your blood sugar is low, it’s hard to think or move.

I drove up to the first window to buy my food and pay for it. I was surprised to see Tina Hardy, who worked at Burger King, running toward my car. She squeezed between the front of my car and the building just to bring me a small bowl of ice cream.Tina told me later that her husband also had diabetes, so she knew I needed help. I paid Tina, then pulled up to her window, where she gave me my food.

She told me to park on the other side of the driveway so she could watch me until I felt better.After I ate, I waited until there was a break in the business to go back to Tina’s window. Then I took this picture and talked to Tina’s boss about what she had done for me.

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