At her husband’s funeral, the wife leans in to say her last goodbye and almost passes out.

Nothing can really prepare you for the deep sense of loss you feel when a loved one dies. All of that could change in an instant, though, if a strange thing happens at their funeral.Nola Swart and her daughter spent the weekend together while Nola’s husband, Fred, went fishing with his best friend at a house.
The two of them were making cookies when her phone rang.

Even though it was her husband’s number, when she answered, she heard James, who was a friend of her husband.James told Nola that Fred had died in an accident when she asked him what was going on. “No! James, stop! This is not funny. Stop!” Nola shrieked. But she felt that James wouldn’t lie about something so important.He and Fred had been best friends since they were in first grade.

Nola, who was in a daze, called her mother to ask her to watch her daughter Kelly for the two hours it would take to drive to the coroner’s office.The doctor told Nola and James that it was likely a huge heart attack that killed Fred right away. Nola quickly turned down his idea that a doctor do an autopsy to find out more about what happened.She couldn’t stand the thought of her husband’s body being cut up.

Watch the whole video that Wonderbot posted to see what happened when Nola went up to her husband’s open coffin at the funeral to say goodbye, and he started blinking at her.

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