Two young boys mow lawns for free, so ‘The Lawnmower Man’ gives them new tools to start their own business.

Different problems come in different shapes and sizes. They involve difficult tasks that take knowledge, work, and time to learn. They can catch us by surprise, stop our progress, and force us to rethink our plans. Also, problems help us get closer to realizing our full potential. But the final reward is more than we could have imagined when we overcome these challenges and reach our goals.

TJ and JT wearing their lawn maintenance business tshirt.

Ja’Torrian Taylor and Tevin Rice, both 11 years old, started a yard care business called TJ & JT Mowing Service in Gadsden, Alabama. They recently got an amazing reward for their hard work.According to Upworthy, these young entrepreneurs took on Rodney Smith Jr.’s “50 Yard Challenge” and did it well. They mowed 50 lawns for free for old people, veterans, and people who couldn’t do it themselves.

Because TJ and JT worked hard and were dedicated, they were given a great prize.Rodney Smith Jr., who is known as “The Lawnmower Man,” went to Gadsden, Alabama, because he wanted to recognize and reward the hard work of two kids.Smith made a kind move when he found out that TJ and JT were sharing an old lawnmower that a neighbor had given them.

Smith said, “Good morning, gentlemen,” with a smile. “You’re about to become honorary members of the 50 Yard Challenge Club!” He gave the kids who deserved it a mower, a blower, and a trimmer to give them the tools they needed to grow their lawn care business. Smith said, “Giving these boys lawn tools teaches them to be responsible.” “If they tell someone they are going to mow the lawn, they need to mow the lawn.”

Rodney "The Lawnmower Man" Smith Jr posing for a photo outside a house.

Smith stressed that this event is just the start of what could be a great lawn care business for TJ and JT. He told them to enjoy the moment and be excited about all the possibilities. Smith stressed that this event is just the start of what could be a great lawn care business for TJ and JT. He told them to enjoy the moment and be excited about all the possibilities.

The “Lawnmower Man’s” commitment to lawn care began in 2015, when he set out on a mission to help people who couldn’t take care of their own yards. In 2016, he went popular when he helped a 93-year-old woman with her lawn who could no longer do it herself. Their touching story got over a million likes.Five years ago, Smith’s big plan to offer free yard care services in all 50 states got the attention of the website Upworthy.

His plan was to help seniors, people with disabilities, single mothers, and veterans who didn’t have the money, time, or tools to take care of their lawns.
The amazing “50 Yard Challenge” came from this goal, which has since been met. As of May 2023, the “50 Yard Challenge” has been joyfully taken up by 4,588 pre-teens and teens across the United States.

Rodney Smith Jr.’s Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service would mow 229,400 lawns for free if everyone who signed up for the task finished it. This would be an amazing feat.Sending a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “I accept the 50-Yard Challenge” is all it takes to join the “50-Yard Challenge.” In exchange, these kids get a white Raising Men/Women shirt, sunglasses, and earplugs so they can start taking care of the yard.

TJ and JT posing with their new lawnmower.

As a thank-you, kids and teens who finish the lawn care challenge are given a mower, a blower, and a trimmer, just like TJ and JT did in Alabama. Rodney “The Lawnmower Man” Smith Jr.’s story is a powerful example of how a single act of kindness can change a person’s life and lead to a wave of kindness from many people.It also teaches kids important lessons about giving back, self-discipline, and being a business.

Watch the story of Rodney Smith Jr. and TJ and JT, two young men who own a lawn care service, below:

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