48 years after a teen mom was forcibly separated from her son, she lays eyes on him standing right in front of her

Here’s the story of a mother and son who were taken away from each other at birth and reunited 48 years later by a miracle. The best thing a child can ever feel is their mother’s love. It is a love that can overcome anything. Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett got pregnant when she was only 17 years old.But her father didn’t like the idea of her dating the American soldier who was the father of her child.

Nibblett's black and white photo when she was young.

Nibblett said, “When you have a child who is half American and half Vietnamese, people look down on you, especially your family.” When Nibblett gave birth to her son, her father took the baby and put him in a shelter. Her father took her son away and never told her where he went. She never saw her son again. Two years later, Nibblett’s son was taken in by his family from a home in Vietnam.

Kirk Kellerhals was his name.Kirk thought his parents died in the Vietnam War when he was a child. He didn’t know that since he was taken away from her, Nibblett had been hoping to see him and be reunited with him. Kirk, who has dark hair and a tan, says he was picked on as a child because people thought he was from a different race.He knew that his family came from Vietnam, but he didn’t know much else about his family background.

Kirk, who lives in Virginia Beach, South Carolina, has always been interested in his birth family, but he hasn’t done any study into his family tree yet. In 2017, his wife pushed him to take a Family Tree DNA test to learn more about his family history. He didn’t know, though, that his life was about to change in a big way. “I thought, ‘What the heck, let’s just end the argument and find out where I’m from.

Kirk's black and white photo when he was young.

So, I went ahead and sent in the DNA sample,” he says.When he sent in his DNA, he hoped there was a chance he might find a zip code or a family, but he didn’t expect to find anything. While that was going on, Nibblett, who had moved to the U.S. to find her son, had sent her DNA to Family Tree DNA two years before, hoping that they would be able to get back together.

About four weeks after he sent in his DNA, Kirk got an email from someone he didn’t know. Kirk says, “The name looked like it came from Africa, and I thought it was a scam, so I didn’t even bother to open it.” A few minutes later, he got an email from Family Tree DNA. He opened the email. “Family Tree DNA sent me an email saying that the results were in and that there was a match…

It said “match parent-child.” I just shook my head and said, “That’s wrong.” That can’t be true,'” Kirk said. So, Kirk opened the first email and saw a phone number. Kirk thought his parents were dead for his whole life. But he was talking to his mother at the time, and he could hear her voice telling him that she thought he was her child.”

Kirk's photo after being adopted.

It was one of those things, and it was one of the few times in my life when I had to sit down, catch my breath, and try to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.” Kirk found out from Nibblett what had happened and that his mother had moved to the U.S. in 1971 and been looking for him for almost 50 years. Kirk was in for another surprise at the same time.PEOPLE said that his real father, Sheldon “Skip” Soule, was still alive and living in New York.

“It turned my whole world upside down, because you think your parents are dead for almost 50 years of your life,” Kirk said. A few weeks after they talked on the phone, the mother and son will get together again. Nibblett and her husband drove from Texas to South Carolina so she could finally meet her son. Kirk waited outside for his mother because he didn’t want to miss a single moment.

48-year-old Kirk looking at his phone and waiting for his mother for their reunion.

When Kirk opened the door to his mom’s truck, they both hugged and cried. Kirk had never in his life thought that he would meet the woman who gave him life. Nibblett did not give up on the idea that she would meet him one day. Their getting back together is a great example of how love and faith can make things happen. “Thank you, God, for bringing my son to me,” Nibblett sobbed into her son’s arms. “Thank you for finding me,” Kirk said.

Kirk and Nibblett's reunion, holding each other for the first time after 48 years.

Kirk also met Skip and learned about his cousins on both sides of his family. “I’m not going to act like everything was perfect, because it wasn’t. It was hard to take everything in,” he says. “In the end, it turned out to be a blessing. Everyone benefited from it.” Even though it had been 50 years since the last time mother and son were together, Kirk said that seeing Nibblett again was like they had never been apart.

“When we talked, the parental bond felt so natural,” he says. “You can’t explain it. The last thing we said to each other in our first conversation was “I love you.”

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