When the father comes home, he sees his 3-year-old daughter washing the dishes. She gives him a warm smile.

A netizen recently put a touching movie on the internet, and it went viral right away. In the video clip, a 3-year-old girl named Fei’er is seen standing on a chair and washing the dishes. When her dad comes home from the store, he is shocked by what he saw. When he got home, he asked what she was doing right away. She smiled a bright, innocent smile and said, “I’m washing the dishes!”

The girl’s father, Li Yuanyuan, praised her and exclaimed, “How amazing!” When Fei’er heard him praise her father, she turned to him and smiled.Li Yuanyuan works in the business of delivering food. He says that since he started working, he has been taking his daughter with him on his morning runs. When afternoon comes, he gives his girl to her mother, who sells pork at the market.

Children are clever. Even though they can’t show it by what they do at a young age, they feel upset when they see their parents upset. Parents know how hard life can be. But when they are with their children and they are safe, all of their hard work makes sense. “Come on, everyone’s path is full of ups and downs, but it’s also full of happiness. As long as you feel it in your heart, every step is like a happy aftertaste.”

“From the first time I saw the baby in the delivery box until now, I have been quietly watching the baby grow and hope she will always be happy.” and not so nice thing to say. “God, why didn’t you give me a daughter like her? You gave me an idiot who doesn’t understand anything but Ultraman all day long.”Every parent wants their girl to be cute, smart, and well-behaved. It’s correct.

It takes skill and care to raise children. Train them early on if you want them to be independent as adults. Children won’t be able to handle the problems of the world on their own until they’ve been through hard times themselves. No matter what kind of position a parent is in, they should know how to really educate their kids. Get ideas from them and teach them how to be good adults.

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