Couple Renew Vows After Wife Is Diagnosed With Bile Duct Cancer, Then…

Some love stories finish much too soon on this side of heaven. We hope that never comes to pass. But we have no control over time on this planet. All we can do is make the most of the moments we have.I can’t imagine the anguish and loss Steve and his sons Bryce and Connor are feeling in the aftermath of Charlene Owens’ death.Charlene was Steve’s lifelong love and the glue that held their family together.

Charlene’s greatest joys in life were being a mother and volunteering in her community. Her two greatest loves were increasing autism awareness and assisting veterans in her community. Charlene fought valiantly after learning she had stage 4 bile duct cancer. She was determined to defeat cancer so she could be there for her family. When she learned she wouldn’t be able to overcome cancer, Steve and Charlene resolved to make her final days memorable.

prognosis of bile duct cancer charlene owens

“We’ve been together for 28 years and married 25 years ago in September, but based on the doctors’ reports, we might not make it,” he explained. They made hasty plans to renew their wedding vows. “We quickly planned a renewal ceremony for her and her husband for Valentine’s Day,” her sister Ellen Huff continued, “we figured what better way to celebrate their love story than on the day of love.

“Charlene walked down the aisle in her original wedding gown and bald from her cancer battle within 24 hours of preparing. Despite this, she had never felt more beautiful than as she walked down the aisle to marry the love of her life with her sons by her side.”This has been incredible.” I can’t believe it’s only been 24 hours since this all happened. “It’s just been so unique,” Charlene added.

They celebrated their remaining time together by loving each other and cherishing every moment with Charlene. She moved from her husband’s arms into Jesus’ embrace a month later. She said to them, “No matter how hard life gets, you have to hold on to each other.”

Saying farewell is difficult and does not come smoothly. Steve and his children are hoping to be reunited with Charlene, who is waiting for them in honor of her magnificent savior. Charlene has been released from her cancer-ravaged body and is now whole, healed, and free.

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