‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Woman Is Unrecognizable in Retrospect

Plastic surgery is now more accessible than ever before. People are changing their appearance in a variety of ways, from subtle modifications to drastic transformations.The Ukrainian model with the largest cheekbones is. She’s had too many procedures in the last six years to count. Her transformations are astounding.You’d never believe these two are connected based on their appearances. Check out her video at the bottom of this page!

The ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ womanAnastasia Pokreshchuk, a Ukrainian model, was born and reared in Kyiv. Her visage has changed from that of a typical young woman to one with distinctive traits. She has worked the hardest to improve the appearance of her cheeks.Anastasia began a series of cosmetic operations and injections to improve her appearance when she was 26 years old.

If you saw her ten years ago, you might not recognize her.She shared an old photo of herself and asked her followers to choose between that look and her present one. She added two visuals. Both were taken six years apart, one before and one after she had cosmetic surgery. “Transformation – 26 and 32,” the caption read. “Who will you pick?”The post was liked by almost 22,000 people.

Despite the significant changes she has experienced, she still has some staunch fans. They’re looking out for her, big cheeks and all. “Beautiful then and now,” one reader said. A second supporter commented, “Beautiful girl.” When they see how Anastasia has changed, some individuals may not approve of her new lifestyle. The 33-year-old model alleges she has been the recipient of some particularly scathing remarks.

But she laughs off their remarks and goes about her business. “I’ve had people tell me I’m an ugly b***h and that I should kill myself, but I just laugh it off and ignore it,” Anastasia explained.One person responded to her after seeing her before and after images, “Was a normal person and now you’re like a horror movie.” Someone else thought she was more appealing before she got her cheeks done.

They advised her to make the switch. “Return your old face – you were very beautiful.” Anastasia began enhancing her appearance at the age of 26 by having work done on her face. Fillers have already cost her hundreds of pounds in the UK. Her lips and cheeks have been enhanced to the point that they stand out from the rest of her unique face.”After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them.”

“I understand that they look weird for other people,” she continued, “but I don’t mind.”She now has 82,000 followers on Instagram. She uses the website to notify her followers about forthcoming procedures. While you might think they’re too huge, she told The Sun, “You might think they’re too big, but I think they’re a little bit small; I need to refresh them again soon.” She just had more fillers injected into her cheeks, making them even fuller.

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