Kind Man Takes Children Without Fathers On Free Group Fishing Trips; Lets Them Know They Are Loved

A generous individual in Lakeland, Florida, has provided free fishing trips to over 1500 impoverished youngsters. Will Dunn was up in Miami and had a challenging childhood at a rough school. He described himself as a “rough kid” who got into a lot of problems, including getting shot once, but he survived and recovered. Yet, he recalls warmly the moments when his father would take him fishing on his boat as a boy.

“I grew up in a difficult neighborhood. “When I was their age, I was a pretty rough kid,” Will admitted. “I recall going out [fishing] with my father on several occasions.” When you’re out on the lake, you may forget about your issues and focus on the present. I still remember what he taught me. He informed me that it’s not about the fish you catch, but about the memories you make.”

Will met a neighbor who had an 8-year-old son whose father was not there in his life after he grew up and had three children of his own. He was worried about the youngster since he would frequently storm in and out of the house next door. “I was curious about what was going on in his life, so I decided to ask him one day,” Will explained. “He told me that he didn’t have a father, and I realized there might be something I could do for him.”

Will asked the little boy’s mother for permission to begin taking him fishing, and she consented. He began to observe a beautiful transformation in the boy after numerous fishing outings. “I’ve only recently begun taking him fishing… and I witnessed what it did for him… It was a thrill to see this small boy capture a fish he had never caught before.

“I wanted to start doing it for other young men and women,” Will explained.Will began inviting other disadvantaged children and teens in his town on fishing trips, and the more he saw what a calm and therapeutic difference it made for these kids, the more it meant to him. “A lot of them have never been on the water before, never held a fishing rod, never caught a fish, and it blesses me every day, that at 54-years-old,

I can wake up every morning and be able to take these kids out and show them a life experience and show them that somebody loves them,” Will explained. “We just have a really good time.”Will founded Take A Kid Fishing after a few years of supporting free fishing trips with his own resources. “Take a Child” “Fishing is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged and fatherless children through mentoring and fishing excursions geared and dedicated to their future,” according to his website.

“We educate the kids on these trips by teaching them life skills and responsibilities through fishing.” Once they understand the concept of fishing, they can learn patience, teamwork, and how to relax, think, and avoid making quick decisions. Fishing also teaches children to encourage one another regardless of whether they win or lose (catch a fish or not).” Many of the children that join Will’s fishing outings are foster children.

“They’d been through a lot, seen a lot, and their lives were difficult,” Will explained. “But when they were fishing, all of that faded away.”Jaden, 11, does not have a father in his life and says he feels free when he comes on fishing expeditions. “You just get this sense of freedom when you do it,” Jaden explained. “It’s incredible to be out here. Will has aided my development by bringing me fishing.

“I hope he understands what I mean when I say, ‘Thank you.'””Will is like my father to me.” He’s always there for me when I need him. “He’s a wonderful man,” Cameron remarked, smiling. “He showed me that you should give back to the community, respect other people, and take them fishing.”When Tye Harriell first came on one of Will’s fishing expeditions, he was living in a children’s home.

“I was living in a children’s home, and they invited us to go fishing on this boat, teaching us.” According to Tye Harriell. “He has a wonderful heart.” He genuinely cares about others. He taught me patience, because catching a fish requires patience. It takes some time.”Will has provided over 1500 poor youngsters the opportunity to learn to fish and, as a result, discover the joy of the outdoors during the past 18 years. When asked what his reward is, he stated that he simply wants to be a light for children who are in need.

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