Man Spots Fuzzy Animal On His Backpack — Then Realizes There Are More Inside

A man in Australia lifted his backpack the other day and was astonished to see four little, fuzzy animals fall to the ground. Following an inquiry, the man discovered that the small animals were bats who had picked his bag as a makeshift refuge while trying to stay warm.The man sought advice from Bat Rescue SA. Experts at the rescue were grateful he contacted and eager to assist him in dealing with the situation.

bats in bucket

“He was clearly concerned for their welfare,” a Bat Rescue SA spokesman told The Dodo.When something falls from a wayward bag or shoe in Australia, larger, more deadly critters such as huntsman spiders or snakes are frequently to blame. Bat Rescue SA employees were grateful that the visitors were surprisingly friendly in this case.

“It was probably a relief that the backpack’s unexpected cargo was just a few bats!” stated the spokesperson.Staff from Bat Rescue SA advised the man on how to build a bat cage. Soon after, the man had constructed a new house for the bats and placed it in a secure location – high on his shed. Finally, the bats had a home of their own.

bat box

“[The man] is yet another bat ally, supporting these much maligned but wonderful little creatures,” stated the spokesperson.Bat Rescue SA experts advise anyone in a similar circumstance to do as this man did: leave the bats alone if possible and contact your local wildlife rescue group for assistance.


These microbats are essential to their habitat. According to Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD, these bats serve an important role in pest population management.These bats must be relieved to be out of the backpack and into their new home for the Australian winter. “We can only assume they are doing well and are awaiting warmer weather,” the spokesman stated.

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