After her divorce, woman starts new life by embracing tiny house lifestyle. take a tour inside!

Breaking up with a long-term partner can be a life-changing experience. It has the capacity to dramatically transform your reality, but the outcome is primarily determined by how you choose to embrace it: as a chance for progress or as a spiral into despair. Jen Gressett had the American dream. She was married with two children and lived in a large 3,000-square-foot mansion outside Boulder, Colorado.

Jen talks about her divorce and how she started her tiny house lifestyle.

Then she found herself at the center of this life-changing journey. Jen attempted to move on after her 18-year marriage ended by seeking a new location to call home. However, she immediately learned that the properties for sale in her vicinity were out of her price range. When confronted with this dilemma, she turned to social media, where she discovered a burgeoning trend: the appeal of the tiny house lifestyle.

The 51-year-old designer now lives in a quaint 520-square-foot property with a modern farmhouse décor. In an encouraging twist, she shares vital tiny house lifestyle insights and tips with her remarkable community of 160,000 Instagram followers.”I never imagined myself living in a tiny house, but I can’t imagine my life without it,” Jen explained.

Jen's two kids enjoying their tiny home.

Jen began her tiny house lifestyle quest four years ago. It all started when she paid $45,000 for a modest house shell from a local constructor. She also paid an additional $3,000 for a floor plan that might be used by the builder. However, the initial builder had to live up to expectations. Despite presenting an unreasonable price quote, they were unable to finish the tiny home within the six to eight months promised.

Undaunted, Jen chose to commit her project to a different builder the following year, MitchCraft Tiny Homes. While their price proposal was slightly higher than her budget, she was comforted by their reputation for integrity and skill. Unfortunately, the growing pandemic at the time released a slew of difficulties. Further delays in the construction process were caused by supply chain issues and soaring material costs.

Before finishing the interior, the little home shell needed major external repairs. Despite these challenges, Jen persisted, and the next year she moved into her tiny house and began her tiny house lifestyle. The tiny house cost approximately $175,000 in total. This amount included not just the prefabricated shell construction but also the labor and material costs—a almost threefold increase above her original budget.

Jen's tiny house under construction.

Jen paid for it with the $85,000 she obtained from selling her previous home after splitting up with her ex-husband. She also borrowed $90,000 from a friend Jen’s little house is currently situated on a plot of land for which she pays a monthly charge of $725. This all-inclusive charge includes facilities such as parking, internet access, water, and power.

Jen’s little house is filled with all of her favorite things. Her kitchen is her favorite room in her residence, and she sometimes refers to it as a “tiny kitchen on wheels.” Jen’s ambition to create her dream kitchen on a smaller scale drove her decision to embrace the tiny house lifestyle. Despite its small size, Jen’s kitchen has remarkable storage, which frequently impresses visitors.

Jen had originally intended to add butcher block countertops into her design. However, after much thinking, she chose the elegance and craftsmanship of quartz. This option matched the look she had in mind for her kitchen. The countertop’s built-in round table is a distinctive feature, functioning as a multifunctional location where Jen dines and works. Jen was a full-time remote worker, so having a space dedicated to keeping her essentials—a printer and a computer—was critical.

Jen giving a tour of her tiny home.

To set the tone and inject a rustic motif into the kitchen, the architect suggested installing open shelving. This not only provided character but also allowed Jen to show off her glassware collection.Under the shelf is a fire clay kitchen sink, which is complimented by an off-grid propane burner across from it.

Jen's master loft with king-size bed.

Jen adores the ample natural light that permeates the space in her kitchen. The walls are adorned with several windows, allowing sunlight to wash her home throughout the day. As a result, Jen rarely needs to rely on artificial lighting until the sun sets, providing a pleasant and serene ambiance.
Jen’s tiny house has solar-powered skylights that can be opened and closed with the use of a handy remote control.

Jen's favorite part of the house, the kitchen.

She described the storage under the stairs leading to her bedroom as the most efficient pantry she had ever seen, with pull-out shelves that allow her to reach the back. It has plenty of storage underneath for all of her shoes.Jen considers her bathroom to be the crown jewel of her home, referring to it as a tiny spa that allows her to enjoy her small house lifestyle more.

Jen's pantry by the stairs.

She stated that a soaker was essential for her, so she went on to hunt for a little bathtub, but they were prohibitively pricey. She did, however, find a trough tub that matches her aesthetics and is ideal for her farmhouse-themed home. Furthermore, the tub may hold heat; you will emerge sweating, which is ideal after a long day on the path.

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