Belgian Shot Putter Runs In Hurdles To Save Her Team And Ends Up Going Viral

A Belgian shot putter’s recent athletic effort has brought joy to millions of people around the world, but not because she triumphed in her chosen activity. It’s because she raced through the obstacles to keep her squad from being disqualified.This wasn’t supposed to happen for Belgian shot putter Jolien Boumkwo at the European Athletics Team Championships in Poland on Saturday.

However, after all of her teammates withdrew due to injury and were unable to compete in the 100-metre hurdles race, Boumkwo stepped up and “took one for the team.” According to race film, she approached each obstacle cautiously but managed to clear all of them and gain a good 2 points to keep her team ranked!

Not only is Boumkwo’s hurdle race going viral, but her good cheer and sportsmanship are garnering her shouts and accolades from sports fans all around the world.

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