‘Angel’ School Bus Driver Makes a Significant Difference in the Life of a Kindergarten Student

Mr. Charles, the school bus driver, has made a tremendous difference in the behavior of a kindergartener who was misbehaving in class. Kameron began misbehaving in class at his Berkeley County, South Carolina, school earlier this year. Kameron was sent to the principal’s office multiple times a day, according to his mother, Kelly Eisenberg.

Stephanie Williams, Kameron’s instructor, began looking for items that would motivate Kameron to improve his conduct. When she escorted Kameron to the school bus early one day, her motivation became clear. She asked the bus driver, Charles Frierson, if Kameron could board before the other pupils arrived because he adored school buses.Mr. Charles and Kameron were great friends from that day forward.

Kameron’s outstanding behavior is now rewarded with the opportunity to board the bus before the other students and spend time with Mr. Charles, who just switched school systems to drive for Berkeley County. Kameron has undergone an amazing transformation.”He will work all day and behave and follow all directions all day long just to have five minutes with Mr. Charles,” Williams said. “And there hasn’t been a problem since that day.” He’s been just terrific.”

Eisenberg agreed and wrote a letter to the school expressing how much of a difference Mr. Charles has made in her son’s life.”I’ve always believed that angels come when you least expect them,” Eisenberg wrote in the letter. “This is especially true for Mr. Charles, the bus driver of Berkeley County School Bus 220 in South Carolina.”

“There’s a reason Mr. Charles was brought here, and there’s a reason he’s driving Bus 220, and Kameron is the reason,” she added.”It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes one to make a difference.” Mr. Charles has made a significant difference in my son,” she added.

“I want him to know how much we truly and completely appreciate who he is and what he has done for my son.”Mr. Charles’ reaction to hearing Eisenberg’s sweet comments demonstrates how much of an influence the kids have on his life as well.

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