This lucky Woman Buys Ring For $13, But Finds Out It Is Actually Worth Over…

One woman received a once-in-a-lifetime surprise. Debra Goddard purchased a ring at a garage sale almost 33 years ago. She paid only $13 for it, thinking it was plastic and not worth much. She had worn it for decades and adored it. When family problems occurred and she needed money, she decided to try to sell the ring.

She was astounded to learn that the ring was actually a diamond worth $957,000! Debra is from Twickenham in West London, and she purchased the ring in 1986. The ring she assumed was synthetic was actually a diamond weighing 26.27 carats. Oh my goodness! Find out what she got in exchange for the ring. She chose to sell the ring because her mother had lost her life savings due to the deception of a relative.

She hoped to obtain roughly $1,000 for the ring because of its size and beauty. The jeweler had much better news for her. He almost passed out when he realized it was a diamond, according to her.She sat up all night staring at the lovely ring, unsure what to do with it. She eventually brought the diamond ring to Sotheby’s auction house. While she did not receive the almost $1 million, she did receive $607,900 from the transaction.

Debra believes this was good karma returning to her and her family. She claimed that she and her mother had been through a lot, and that her mother had been stolen of everything. She spent the most of her money assisting her mother.Debra claims that money isn’t essential to her, thus she enjoys pampering her mother. June has traveled to Barbados, seen Celine Dion in concert in Las Vegas, seen Tom Jones in concert, and purchased a new fur coat.

What a lovely daughter!Debra stated that she is working on a book that would teach others how to find valuable stuff at boot sales. She has stated that any profits from the book will be donated to a children’s charity. She volunteers with a children’s charity for runaways and hopes that the money will aid the kids and the charity’s youth leaders.

It’s wonderful to read tales like this and see money go to deserving folks! We adore that she is donating her money to organisations that benefit children and her suffering mother. What are your thoughts on this story? Is she the world’s luckiest woman? If you liked this story, please SHARE it with your friends and family who enjoy these types of happy stories!

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